Brexit and medication – a crisis waiting to happen

Councillor Caroline Page has expressed deep concern about the impact of a no-deal Brexit on medication supplies within the county.

News reports in the past few days have suggested that patients may need to start stockpiling their medication in preparation for a no-deal Brexit. The UK currently imports 37 million packs of medication from the EU each month, and there are fears that supply chains will be either disrupted or slowed-down due to border issues. Both scenarios could have potentially life-threatening consequences for those that rely on medication.

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Councillor Caroline Page

Councillor Page, whose daughter has severe epilepsy and relies on daily life-saving medication, is concerned that residents in Suffolk could be in severe danger if supplies of imported medications are interrupted following Brexit.

She brought the issue to the attention of the Leader of Suffolk County Council at last week’s Council meeting, asking:

“Many of the people that Suffolk County Council provides care for will also rely on various medications in order to maintain their quality of life.

The most recent Public Accounts Committee report on medication (October 12, 2018) suggests that supplies of imported medications will be at risk after Brexit, especially if we face a no deal scenario.

What work is Suffolk County Council doing to ensure that the supply of medication is uninterrupted after we leave the EU?”

Unfortunately, no clear answer was provided by the administration.


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